The Simplicity & Elegance of Klipboard + dedicated people behind you, behind the codes at all times. That's what a Klipboard partnership package offers!
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Get new schools or on-board your existing clients to Klipbaord platform

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Get a simple and intuitive dashboard from where you can manage your schools

Make Money

Keep most of the profits you make from selling Klipboard SaaS model.

About Reseller Partnership Program
Get unlimited schools for free.
Basic tire

The basic tire gives you access to only Management and Grading Modules. With this, you get to keep all the revenues generated from the schools while paying a small monthly premium for each of the school you sign on.

Basic Tire Features
  1. Access to only Management and Grading Modules
  2. Get updates and bug fixes

N8,000/Month Per School

Premium Tire

The premium tire puts the power and simplicity of klipboard SIMS in your hands. With this tire, you have access to all klipboard modules but adhere to a revenue sharing formular with Klipboard.

Premium Tire Features
  1. Access to all Klipboard Modules
  2. Get all premium modules
  3. Get all the technical support you need
  4. Get updates and bug fixes
  5. Customization Support

Revenue Sharing 50/50

About OEM Partnership Program
Get unlimited schools.
Get unlimited schools

Klipboard SIMS was born from a constant fellowship with schools in both urban and rural areas in Nigeria. We paid adequate attention to understand what the pains of effectively running a school are and iterated our way through building a system that addresses these pains.

  1. Focus on your customers
  2. Get full technical support
  3. Free customization requests
Some benefits of our OEM partnership

  1. We have done the hard work of employing and paying some of the best software developers. the overhead of building and maintaining complex software system will be taken away from you.
  2. No need to employ and pay expensive developers.
  3. Klipboard is actively developed by a team of dedicated software developers and education experts. You are guarantied to get the best and latest educated technology in this constantly evolving industry.

Klipboard Reseller Partnership

With Klipboard reseller program, you can get up to 50% of the revenue generated by the schools you sign up and manage

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Klipboard OEM Partnership

With Klipboard OEM program, ytou get to keep all your revenue while paying a fixed premium fee per every school you have

Become an OEM partner

“We are passionate about developing the best education technology software in Africa and working with you reaffirms that commitment and puts us on track to achieving it.”
Henry Nnalue - CEO

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