Partnership Program

Klipboard SIMS offers one of the best school management information system. Our partnership program offers technical support and training to help you sell Klipboard to your customers. As official channel or OEM partner, you get to keep good chunk of the revenue you generate

Program Benefits

  1. Free Customization request for your clients
  2. You keep a greater part your revenue
  3. Free support to you and your client from Klipboard support team
  4. Get all premium features

Channel Partnership

Our Channel Partnership program is focused on re-selling klipboard Schools Information Management System and its services.

  1. Maintain and services your customers
  2. Keep your customers, keep the profits
  3. Regular support
  4. Premium customization request

OEM Partnership

Embed Klipboard ERP into your application. There is no need to build another to enterprise solution when you can key into our RESTful APIs and hit the ground running as soon as possible.

  1. Embed Klipboard into your Application
  2. Get all premium modules
  3. Get all the technical support you need
  4. Get updates and bug fixes
  5. Customization Support
All our partners get a dedicated support manager